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Are you sourcing wholesale products from trade suppliers of Industrial Goods, Services? Register free for buyer membership.

As a supplier you can list products for free, as well as benefit from a number of additional trade services for example view the contact details of buy trade leads, list sell leads for free, and many more.

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LeadsAndDeals.com - Global B2B Import Export Market Place For Trade Leads

Global B2B Trade Leads Deals MarketplaceLeadsAndDeals.com facilitates a common international business-to-business (B2B) trade platform by connecting global buyers with suppliers through business directories, online product catalogues, buy-sell trade leads and industry specific marketplaces. LeadsAndDeals.com is one of fastest growing global B2B marketplace connecting buyers with suppliers all over the world including China, Korea, United States and more.

As a supplier/manufacturer/exporter you can post and promote your products and selling leads for free. Your account comes with many trading tools to increase your company's exposure and sales.
As a buyer/importer you can search and contact suppliers easily by B2B categories and keywords. Buyers can access for free and also post their own buying leads to get direct quotes or offers from suppliers.
Try us and discover how we can help you the best of trade leads and deals.

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Are you looking to source wholesale Industrial Goods, Services products from trade suppliers? Register free for buyer membership or book free Buy Trade Lead.


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