Sell Offer: Zla High Efficiency Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier

Offer Expired On:2012-09-18

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Since: 2011-12-22

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Name Zla High Efficiency Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier
Offer Type Available For Selling
Market Place Machinery & Tools
Minimum Order (Units) 1-99 Sets  
Asking Price Per Unit Not Specified Sets 
Price Terms   What's This
Payment Method Letter Of Credit
Specifications Zla
Packaging Wooden Case
Offer Start Date 2012-03-22
Offer Expired On 2012-09-18
Key Words
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Series Zla High Efficiency Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier, Mainly For The Power Station, Industrial And Mining Enterprises Purifying The Unqualified Transformer Oil, Mutual Inductor Oil, Switch Oil And So On. Series Zla Can Remove Water, Trace Water, Gas, Particles From Oil Quickly And Effectively, Improving Oil Dielectric Strength. Also, This Oil Purifier Can Be Used To Power Equipments To Vacuum Drying, And Vacuum Oiling.

duplex-stereo Film Evaporation Technology, Combined With Unique And Advanced Dewatering, Degassing Components, Can Rapidly And Effectively Separate Water, Gas From Oil. 2. Multi-stage Precision Filtration System, Mesh Filtration Combined With Molecular Adsorption Technologies 3. Efficient Electric Heating System, Heating Uniformity, Less Power Consumption, Safe, And Reliable. 4. Double-infrared Liquid Level Sensor, Pressure Protective System To Ensure The Machine Operation Easy And Safely. 5. Adopts Interlocked Protective System, Which Connect Oil Pump, Heater And Liquid Level Sensor, Avoiding Blank Heating, Blank Pumping, Oil Leak And Electricity Leak. If There Is Any Fault, Machine Will Be Power Off Automatically. 6. Working With Zla Insulating Oil Regeneration Device To Decolor (remove Acid, Oxide, Free Carbon) And Lower Dielectric Loss, Making The Treated Oil More Limpidity.
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