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Mainhouses Co., Ltd

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We Are A Manufacturer Of Electronic Ballast, Energy Saving Lamps And Electronic Transformers With More Than 20 Years. Our Electronic Ballasts Include Series Ballast For T8, T5 Fluorescent Lamps, Cfl,matchbox Type Electronic Ballast For Cfl/4pin, T5/t4 And Dc Electronic Ballast For Cfl. Those Products Have Powerful Functions That Are Very Popular By The User. . otherwise, We Produce Our Patent Energy Saving Lamps Like S Shape ,o Shape And 2l Shape That You Could Not Find In The Other Suppliers .they Are Grateful By Their Novel, Cute Appearance And Good Quality, Have A Wide Application, Fitting For The Homes ,hotels; The Residence, The Decoration, The Ceiling Lamp, The Table Lamp And The Down-lamp ,etc
We Are Located In: China China
We Trade In: Electronics & Electrical
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