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Retail Investors and Commodity Markets

Retail Investors and Commodity Markets

The more ignored part of trading has always been the commodity markets but with worldwide stock exchanges sliding and living through a bear phase, retail investors have slowly started to take notice of the commodity markets. The initial attraction definitely was through the precious metals market that became popular due to the rising gold...

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Managing Commodity Risk


Commodity trading comes with its own set of risks and pitfalls akin to stock market trading. Investors have to monitor the demand supply relationship and other factors that might impact this equation and thus affect the price index of commodities being traded. Commodities definitely enjoy more stability than the stock market but they are...

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Beginner’s Guide to Commodity Trading


Stock market investments have become more popular with retail investors over the past few decades and with the improved policy and ease of trading more investors are attracted to this avenue every day. But commodities have traditionally been left to the bigger players and the more serious investors. It wasn’t until special exchanges were...

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Trading in Commodity Futures Market


There is a popular notion that trading in commodity markets is a rather complex process that is difficult for the average man to understand. But the devil does lie in the details while dealing with the commodities and futures markets. An overview of the basics will certainly help understand the nature of the futures...

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Agro-Food Commodities Trading Risks


When dealing with commodity trading one encounters several risks but most of them can be subverted by following sound trading practices. One of highest risk facing commodities is those linked with agricultural industry because of a number of factors that are not easily controllable. Agriculture commodity prices vary substantially from day to day and...

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Beginner’s Guide: How To Invest In Precious Metal Commodities


All that glitters is gold as far as trading in precious metals goes in the commodity exchanges. Gold and silver have historically been looked upon as investments that have great storing value. Today with growing global demand for investments in precious metals it is important to understand how these investments make future financial sense...

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What will be the next commodities in international trading market?


The commodities industry is changing at fast pace.  In today’s world every limited resource or fast evolving resource has potential to become a ‘commodity’.  Traditional material like spices and precious metals are still part of main stream trade but a new breed of commodities is coming up. Potential new future commodities can be: Fertilizers:...

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Top 7 Guidelines On Sourcing From International B2B Suppliers


Global sourcing involves several aspects of management to ensure that the right products reach us at the right time and at the right price. Quality is one of the biggest areas were procurement teams tend to pay the most attention while sourcing from countries like China, India and other nations that provide low cost...

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